Spray Tanning:

Sienna X: £30

Top up Tan within 7 days: £20

(For spray tanning advice and information please click here)

Hands and Feet:

Gel polish hands or feet: £30
Gel removal: £15

Gel polish and removal from another salon: £45
Callus Peel (added to mini pedi): £20
Luxury Spa Pedicure, including gel polish: £65
(Using state of the art Spa pedi chair, with whirlpool, Massage and a cheeky glass of fizz!)
Dip powder overlay over natural nail: £40

Dip powder Ombre: £45

Gel Polish with Builder Gel: £35

Extra charges for nail art/stamping/Swarovski will be discussed at appointment

Full leg: £28
Half leg: £22
Full leg and bikini: £36
Half leg and bikini: £31
Bikini: £21

Brazilian: £28
Sides of Face: £15
Eyebrow: £10.50
Lip: £9.50

Chin: £11
Forearm: £17
Full arm: £22
Underarm: £16


Head Massage: £25 (20 minutes)

Half Body Massage: £35 (30 Mins)

Full Body Massage: £65 (60 Mins)

Half Hot Stone Massage: £42.5 (30 Mins)

Full Hot Stone Massage: £70 (60 Mins)

Eye Treatments:

Eyelash Extensions - Full Set £55

2 week infill - £22

3 week infill - £30


Eyebrow tint: £12.50
Eyelash/brow tint: £24.50
Eyelash tint: £19
(Tinting will require a patch test 24 hours prior to treatment.)

Caflon Ear Piercing System: £40
Children under the age of 16 will need signed consent from a parent or guardian.

Piercing from the age of 7 only.

We do not do upper cartilage piercing.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Please feel free to pop in or message us for an appointment slot to meet with our team of Harley Street trained Aesthetic Practitioners to discuss your requirements.

IPL Red Vein Removal

IPL is a non invasive treatment that works by the light passing safely through the skin, and is absorbed by the blood vessels. This heats them to make targeted blood vessels coagulate, which is then broken down by the bodies immune system. Prices are per session. 

Nose: £60

Cheeks: £100

Décolleté: £90

Chin: £70

​Skin Rejuvenation 

The intense red light improves the tone and texture of the skin, as well as reducing any visible signs of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles. Prices are per session.

Full face and neck: £220

Full face: £180

Mouth: £50

Crows feet: £70

IPL Acne Treatment

Acne treatments use wavelengths of light to target bacteria in the skin and any sebaceous glands that can cause acne. The intense pulse light will also reduce scaring and improve the skin tone.            Prices are per session.

Small areas: £55

Full Face: £80

Back: £100

Chest: £100


Pigmentation problems can be brown age spots and birth marks which can all be broken down by intense pulse light being absorbed into the area. 1-5 sessions are need on average for this treatment. Prices are per session.

Treatment Prices for men and women.

1 area: £65

2 areas: £100

3 areas: £135

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal requires a patch test and consultation, the price of this treatment will be dependent on the size and area to be treated.

Laser Hair Removal- Women - Prices are per session  FINANCE OPTIONS AVAILABLE

Upper Lip: £60

Side Burns: £70

Bikini Line: £110

Full legs: £250

Upper legs: £170

Underarm: £80

Breast: £80

Lower arms: £100

Brazilian: £145

Hands or Feet: £60

Chin: £70

Face: £140

Extended Bikini: £130

Lower legs: £150

Tummy line: £65

Neck: £80

Full arms: £150

Upper arms: £100

Hollywood: £200

Eyebrows: £65

FINANCE OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR 6 SESSIONS - Pay for 6 sessions per area and receive 2 free

(8 sessions for the area pre paid - e.g Brazilian £145 per session x 6 = £870 receive 8 sessions on this area)

Laser Hair Removal- Men - Prices are per session  ​ FINANCE OPTIONS AVAILABLE

Chest: £130

Back: £250

Abdomen: £100

Cheeks: £75

Full arms: £150

Upper legs: £175

Hands or feet: £65

Nose: £55

Shoulders: £80

Neck: £80

Full beard: £140

Lower arms: £100

Upper arms: £100

Full legs: £260

Lower legs: £150

Ears: £55

Glabella: £55

FINANCE OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR 6 SESSIONS - Pay for 6 sessions per area and receive 2 free